February/March 2020 Update

Our Family enjoyed a restful holiday season. We were able to get a few more meetings scheduled as well as spend time with friends and family in the area. December marked the time for us to update our family photo – a new habit that we are trying to implement. For those not viewing this on the website, the image to the right shows that Andrew is still the only one who can sit still for a photo 🙂

January got us back on schedule with a meeting the first Sunday in Maryland. It was a great start to our calendar year as the church voted to take us on for support. January also was a time of spiritual renewing for our family. We were blessed to take part in the Conference on Revival and Evangelism in Raleigh, NC which allowed us to strengthen our passion for souls.

February 5th marks a new step in our direction toward Finland. Andrew will have completed his freelance work tenure and will be back down to one vocation. At the end of February, we will be traveling towards the Northwest as we have meetings in Canada, Washington, and Oregon until mid-April.

  • Praise: We are at 16% support coming in
  • Prayer: Safe travels to meetings and clear weather on the trip to the Northwest
  • Prayer: Clark’s and Jake’s salvation
  • Prayer: To be on the field by June 2021

December 2019/January 2020 Update

It is hard to believe that 2019 is nearly over and 2020 will soon beginning. It seems as if we have been on the deputation trail forever, but it has only been a few months (we are counting our official start date as Sept 1, 2019). November brought us back to Minnesota for a few days to get some DMV items settled, doctor appointments, and to enjoy a few inches of fresh snow.

Recently, while at a restaurant, Jake was so inclined as to want to try a Jalapeño pepper. While we were not able to get the first taste on camera, the refusal to re-taste was captured. (Pictures best viewed on website.)

We have a few meetings left this year and then will spend the Christmas season in Florida with Andrew’s sister. We will also celebrate three birthdays this prayer letter – Clark (Dec 15; turning 5), Nicole (Dec 27), and Jake (Jan 27; turning 4). Meg already had her birthday (Nov 7; turned 6) and has already begun losing her teeth. Our first 2020 meeting will be on January 5th. From January until May 2020, there will be only 6 gaps in our calendar where we do not have a scheduled meeting (several being holiday weekends).

We have been able to see 2 salvations so far this year and help in outreach for a new church plant in Portsmouth, VA. We are also at 10% support coming in. This is keeping us on track to be on the field by June 2021, but will gladly go sooner when full support is reached.

  • Prayer: Safe travels to meetings (and no more mechanical issues or popped tires)
  • Prayer: Clark’s and Jake’s salvation
  • Prayer: To be on the field by June 2021

October/November 2019 Update

Time seems to be picking up as we are headed into a full October and November schedule. August was a month of decompression time. We stayed in Ionia, MI with family and Andrew was able to pulpit supply for Trinity Baptist Church in Farwell, MI for three weeks. We were able to see one soul trust Christ as Saviour during those 3 weeks. September marked the beginning of school for Mollie (2nd Grade), Meg (1st Grade), and Clark (K-4). This is the first year where we are having the girls go through a video school program.

Every day we are continuing to adjust to RV life. We are thankful the Lord has blessed us with a temporary deputaion home. One neat experience that we have had with our RV is attempting to sleep with a thunderstorm overhead. The loud raindrops and thunder make it nearly impossible to speak to the person next to you. During a strong storm, it makes us very thankful for a roof that does not leak. It reminds us of the covering that Jesus offered as a covering for sin. Unlike an RV roof which has the potential to leak, the covering Jesus provides will never leak.

A few people have commented that our email newsletter is hard to print and display properly. Andrew has fixed this, but to get a copy that is easy to print, visit our website and click the print button at the bottom of the prayer letter.

  • Prayer: Safe travels to meetings (and no more mechanical issues or popped tires)
  • Prayer: Clark’s and Jake’s salvation
  • Prayer: To be on the field by June 2021

August/September 2019 update

…And away we go! We are officially on deputation to be missionaries to Finland! It seems like it took us forever and a half to get to the starting line, but it was well worth the wait.

We had several exciting events occur on our trip down to California, a few more while we were there, yet our God was able to answer prayer. God kept us safe, God allowed us to arrive on time for Nicole’s sister’s wedding, and God allowed us to accomplish other needful tasks that were unexpected.

One night on our trip to California, the RV would not start up. Thankfully, the Lord allowed us to be located in the driveway of the campsite we were staying at when it stopped working. The owners allowed us to hook up there for the night. After a good night’s sleep and looking at several causes of what the issue could be, a loose cable was properly re-attached and we were able to leave without too much time wasted. Tightening the cable also seemed to fix an electrical issue we experienced with the RV.

Our first Saturday back in California was a Summer Outreach Spectacular at Lancaster Baptist Church. I was able to share the gospel with a man. While he did not trust Christ that very moment, he said something very peculiar that stuck out to me: “I have to think all of this through a bit more. I am not going to give my life over to Jesus and immediately turn around and do something that He will not like.” He obviously appeared to have an understanding he was not only adding Jesus into his life, but also subtracting sin from it as well.

With our time in Lancaster completed, we were looking forward to adjusting to deputation life. As soon as we left Barstow, CA city limits (en route to our first meeting), we had a double tire blow out on our left rear axle. Praise the Lord for insurance and roadside assistance. The blowout happened at 9pm and we were back on the road by 2am. The frequency of these mechanical issues happening have prompted Nicole to write them in a journal to log how God has protected us.

As I finish writing this update, I am reminded of God’s presence – even in the midst of difficulty, God’s power – to keep us safe, and God’s provision – even with travel difficulty, God already had the plan to sort everything out.

  • Praise: Safe trip to BIMI May 31-June 1 (and return: June 8-10)
  • Praise: Safe trip to California (July 8-10)
  • Praise: Vacation Bible Time at Northstar Baptist Church went well
  • Praise: Safe trip to Michigan for our first meeting
  • Prayer: Safe travels to meetings (and no more mechanical issues)
  • Prayer: Clark’s and Jake’s salvation
  • Prayer: The man I met in Lancaster to be saved
  • Prayer: To be on the field by June 2021

June/July 2019 update

April and May are now behind us and we have just begun to experience a 10 day streak without several inches of snow fall. Andrew has already begun letting the majority of his clients know that he will be ceasing work relationships in the coming days. It was amazing to see God provide sustained freelance work while assuming the Bi-Vocational Assistant Pastor role at Northstar Baptist Church. Only a few clients will be kept until we can transition into full-time deputation.

In June, we will be attending BIMI Candidate school year 1. We have already been approved BIMI missionaries since December 2018, but now we are attending the first of the two weeks of training. After this training week is over, we will return to Duluth, MN to help out in Northstar Baptist Church’s Vacation Bible Time. We will be canvassing our town for a week and then see how God will work in the lives of these children who attend. Last year we saw 120 children in attendance and 10 made a public profession for salvation.

In July, we will say goodbye to the friends we made in Duluth and head back to California to attend a wedding. While in California, we will have time to visit both of our families for a few days. We will then head back to the north for our first meeting on July 28th in Michigan.

  • Praise: Meg was baptized Apr 28th
  • Praise: Steve completed discipleship
  • Praise: Our car tow dolly arrived before our trip to BIMI
  • Prayer: Safe trip to BIMI May 31-June 1 (and return: June 8-10)
  • Prayer: Safe trip to California (July 8-10)
  • Prayer: Vacation Bible Time at Northstar Baptist Church (June 17-20)

April/May 2019 update

As Paul wrote in 1 Tim 1:12, “And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who hath enabled me, for that he counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry;” I can share in the same gladness. As we left California in July 2017, the Lord gave us some money from the sale of our house that we used to purchase a new, previously owned RV. This past week, we were able to park our 2002 Fleetwood Bounder 36U at my Grandparent’s house in Little Falls, MN.

We cannot help but think that this RV was specifically given to us by God. With only 78,000 miles and 29 generator hours, the RV offers a 6 person sleeping capacity. It is also equipped with wood floors, two solar panels, an auto-leveling system, a washer and dryer combo unit, and a water heater.

We are looking forward to the many miles we will put on this RV. The children are already talking about moving into the “Camper Van.”

Looking ahead to May, we will be refurnishing the RV, Mollie and Meg will finish up the school year, I will be getting a few fishing days in, and we will pack up the RV for the first week of BIMI Candidate school.