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A Call to Finland


Andrew Wippler trusted in Christ at the age of 8 and was baptized shortly thereafter. At 16, his family moved to Lancaster, CA where Andrew eventually enrolled in West Coast Baptist College. During his sophomore year of College, Andrew dedicated his life to full time ministry. After graduation, Andrew served 8 years under the ministry of Dr. Paul Chappell where he held various roles in the IT Department of Lancaster Baptist Church and West Coast Baptist College.

In 2012, Andrew felt the burden for missions work, but felt it necessary to stay in his current role for 5 years due to a commitment made and changes in his department. Near the end of the 5 years, Andrew sought counsel with his Pastor on the next step to get into missions work. Due to his major role with computers, it was recommended he transition to an Assistant Pastor role to gain more people experience. Nicole’s father also recommended they serve in a cold climate and away from the hot California desert.

In 2017, the Lord directed his path to become the Assistant Pastor of Northstar Baptist Church where he could work with adults and get used to a colder climate.

In August 2018, Andrew and his wife Nicole took a survey trip to Helsinki, Finland – a place God put in Andrew’s heart. Upon visiting, God confirmed the location to both Andrew and Nicole as their next location in ministry.

In June 2019, Andrew completed his tenure as Assistant Pastor. They re-joined Lancaster Baptist Church as members and have begun deputation to be missionaries to Finland.


Nicole was born on December 27, in Lancaster, California. Nicole’s family attended Bethel Baptist Church three times a week. Even at an early age, Nicole heard the gospel regularly. At the age of four, Nicole’s parents led her to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ one night during her family devotions. On March 24, 1991, Nicole followed the Lord in believer’s baptism. Although Nicole had attended church all of her life, it was not until the Lord brought her family to Lancaster Baptist Church in 1995 that Nicole truly began to grow in her Christian walk.

It was during her pre-teen and teen years that Nicole began regularly reading her Bible and praying. She also became involved in weekly soulwinning.

Nicole surrendered her life to Lord in fifth grade during junior camp; however, it was not until during a youth conference meeting in 1999 that Nicole felt God calling her into full time Christian service. After high school graduation, Nicole enrolled and attended West Coast Baptist College.

On May 9, 2007, Nicole graduated with a degree in secondary education, majoring in Bible and English, and received her Master’s degree in Christian education the following year. Since her sophomore year of college, she had been serving as a student work study – first as a receptionist then later as a part time bus ministry secretary. While she loved serving at her home church, Nicole asked the Lord to open up the doors for her to teach in some capacity. A few days later, the Lancaster Baptist School administrator asked her if she would be interested in teaching K-4 on a part time basis. Feeling God had plainly answered her request, Nicole accepted the offer and remained as part time bus secretary and pre-school teacher.

In July 2010, Nicole began dating her husband, Andrew Wippler, who had recently joined the LBC IT staff. On March 19, 2011, Andrew and Nicole were married.

Nicole and Andrew
Andrew and Nicole with the Helsinki Lutheran Cathedral behind Andrew’s left ear.

Wippler Children

Mollie was born 3/22/2012. She is very excited to be a missionary to Finland. She trusted Christ as her Saviour at age 5.

Meg was born 11/7/2013. She loves animals and everything stuffed. She trusted Christ as her Saviour at age 4.

Clark was born 12/15/2014. He is almost an exact copy of Andrew.

Jake was born 1/27/2016. He came early, loves sugar, and has the energy to match.