October/November 2020 Update

September marked the beginning of school. We are glad that the children had such happy attitudes when it came time to starting back up. Mollie is now in 3rd grade, Meg is now in 2nd grade, Clark began Kindergarten, and Jake is extremely happy that he gets to spend an hour each day alone with Mom in K-4.

Meetings have been going well. It appears the threat of additional state COVID-19 lockdowns have fizzled as the majority of Americans are tired with staying at home. As we attempt to be sensitive to different community restrictions, we get excited when the Pastor at the church where we are at has a regularly scheduled outreach opportunity. It is a joy when we get to expand our outreach from Walmart clerks, gas station attendants, and drive through windows to actual homes.

I must admit, I wrote the last paragraph at the end of August, sighed, and thought if only we could expand our outreach opportunities. It seems as if the Lord heard that sigh and granted the outreach scope. While driving through Texarkana, the fuel pump on our RV broke and we spent the next 2 weeks (two conferences and weekend meeting) living from either a hotel room or a church family’s home. We were then able to add hotel staff, a pizza delivery guy, and restaurant waitresses to our scope. While we did not have a reap experience, we did have evident seed watering experiences.

In October, we will be at our sending church to present the need for Finland as well as in a few other churches in California. By November, we will be back on the East coast in states ranging from Florida to Pennsylvania with meetings in between. This will mark our first Thanksgiving away from friends and family. Andrew is praying that a restaurant will be open so we may eat there on Thanksgiving, but with COVID restrictions, Nicole might have to prepare a meal in her 4 foot by 2 foot RV kitchen.

  • Praise: 3 new supporting churches since the last letter. We are now at 29% coming in.
  • Praise: Our motorhome is repaired and the bill has been paid
  • Prayer: Safe travels to meetings
  • Prayer: Fill 2021 meeting schedule
  • Prayer: Clark’s and Jake’s salvation
  • Prayer: To be on the field by summer 2021
Sending Church: Lancaster Baptist Church • 4020 E Lancaster Blvd • Lancaster, CA 93535
Mission Board: Baptist International Missions, Inc. • PO Box 9 • Harrison, TN 37341
Contact: (661) 731-3370 • •
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