August/September 2020 Update

May 11 kicked off our travel from Oregon to the east coast. It took us an entire week to get to a previously scheduled campsite. From the campground, we began our first virtual mission’s conference on May 17. From there we started attending in person services. Two revivals and several meetings later, our children began their day asking, “Is church today?” or “Are we driving today?” The first time after we said ‘no’ to both of those questions, we received a puzzled look and a new question: “Then what are we doing?!?”

September will mark the beginning of our second year of deputation (although we had two meetings prior to September 2019). After living in an RV for a year, we have come to the conclusion that this way of living is not for us and look forward to the day when we can live in a house or apartment in Finland.

We are unsure as to what our next two months will look like. We have meetings scheduled, but with COVID-19 spiking, some states have decided to limit in-person gatherings once again. We are thankful that with as much traveling as we have done, we have remained healthy. Even a recent blood donation has return negative on COVID-19 antibodies – although it does not necessarily mean that we did not have it. While we try to remain vigilant about our health, we realize that safety is of the Lord. Thanks to the many who have faithfully prayed for our family’s health.

It seems like the world lives in constant fear – fear of catching COVID-19, fear of being mistreated, and fear of dying. We are thankful that we do not have to live in fear as God – the sustainer of the universe – is our Father and knows our every need. We have been actively sharing the hope of the gospel through our sending church’s COVID-19 tract and have seen a good reception from those who accept it.

  • Praise: 6 new supporting churches since the last letter. We are now at 25% coming in.
  • Prayer: Safe travels to meetings
  • Prayer: Fill 2021 meeting schedule
  • Prayer: Clark’s and Jake’s salvation
  • Prayer: To be on the field by summer 2021
Sending Church: Lancaster Baptist Church • 4020 E Lancaster Blvd • Lancaster, CA 93535
Mission Board: Baptist International Missions, Inc. • PO Box 9 • Harrison, TN 37341
Contact: (661) 731-3370 • •
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