April/May 2020 Update

The Lord allowed us to arrive safely in the Northwest for our meetings in March. A few circumstantial items did occur such as driving through blowing snow from Topeka, KS to Fort Collins, CO (a trip that should have been 8 hours took 13), a cracked windshield, and the RV’s cruise control stopped working. None of these are too critical, and our insurance should take care of the cracked windshield – the difficulty being scheduling a time to replace it.

While in Canada, we were able to go out on a regularly scheduled soul winning time. Andrew was able to speak to a self proclaimed atheist and asked him the question, “What has the God of heaven done to make you to choose not to trust in Him?” The man responded, “Nothing. He has done nothing to show me that He is real.” While Andrew did not think of it at the time, the reality is that the God of heaven scheduled that day 4 months ago, caused him to be outside, and brought along someone who could tell about how much God truly loves him.

We thank the Lord that our 2020 calendar is nearly completely full. We have 4 Sundays and 7 Wednesdays left to schedule in 2020 until we can focus on our 30 remaining slots in our 2021 calendar. If we can schedule those meetings and our tentative meetings become confirmed, we would be on track to visit 150 churches on our deputation journey and on schedule to depart for Finland with full support by June 2021.

Recently, Clark (5) has informed us that he never wants to get married because he does not want to share his Legos. Mollie turned 8 on March 22 and broke up the sequential ages. Jake (4) likes to play cough and seems to cough at the most inopportune times in public (with the COVID-19 scare, we are trying to curb this). Meg (6) is ready for school to be over as she is bored with first grade and ready to begin the challenge of second grade.

  • Praise: Safety as we traveled to the Northwest
  • Praise: Good health during the flu season
  • Prayer: Safe travels to meetings
  • Prayer: Fill 2020 meeting schedule
  • Prayer: Clark’s and Jake’s salvation
  • Prayer: To be on the field by June 2021
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