October/November 2019 Update

Time seems to be picking up as we are headed into a full October and November schedule. August was a month of decompression time. We stayed in Ionia, MI with family and Andrew was able to pulpit supply for Trinity Baptist Church in Farwell, MI for three weeks. We were able to see one soul trust Christ as Saviour during those 3 weeks. September marked the beginning of school for Mollie (2nd Grade), Meg (1st Grade), and Clark (K-4). This is the first year where we are having the girls go through a video school program.

Every day we are continuing to adjust to RV life. We are thankful the Lord has blessed us with a temporary deputaion home. One neat experience that we have had with our RV is attempting to sleep with a thunderstorm overhead. The loud raindrops and thunder make it nearly impossible to speak to the person next to you. During a strong storm, it makes us very thankful for a roof that does not leak. It reminds us of the covering that Jesus offered as a covering for sin. Unlike an RV roof which has the potential to leak, the covering Jesus provides will never leak.

A few people have commented that our email newsletter is hard to print and display properly. Andrew has fixed this, but to get a copy that is easy to print, visit our website and click the print button at the bottom of the prayer letter.

  • Prayer: Safe travels to meetings (and no more mechanical issues or popped tires)
  • Prayer: Clark’s and Jake’s salvation
  • Prayer: To be on the field by June 2021
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